Prof. Milan Pandya enlightened the students on “How to bust fake news; miss information and rumors through CRITICAL THINKING”

The growing tide of fake news in India has been creating a whirlpool of misinformation that continues to generate unwelcome ripples around our lives. From sharing pictures to forwarding content on social media we often find ourselves becoming victims of false hope due to uncritical approach to information. It was around this theme, JGCC organised a seminar, where around 150 undergrad students received training in how to use critical thinking to bust misinformation and falsehood. Prof. Milan Pandya a renowned teacher/trainer in the field of critical thinking delivered the expert session on 19th July, 2018.He has been associated with educational institutions to impart training in critical thinking and argumentation. Students were shocked to find themselves as victims of misinformation, delineated and explained through various interactive examples.