JGCC Collegiate Women’s Development Committee Report:

Under Women‘s Development Cell policy of the Gujarat University, it is mandatory for every college affiliated to Gujarat University to constitute a Collegiate Women’s Development with five members.

Composition of CWDC

JG College Of Commerce established Collegiate Women‘s Development Committee (C.W.D.C.) in 2007-2008, as per the directive of the Gujarat University, and Honorable Supreme Court, to ensure the prevention of any kind of harassment against women.


  • To establish gender equality in the campus.
  • To prevent sexual harassment of girls in the college.
  • To provide procedure for the grievances.
  • To offer guidance, counseling and special learning resource facility to girl students.
  • To empower female students and sensitize male students about women’s issues.
  • To spread awareness of the rights of women.
  • To inculcate awareness about social issues among students.

The Committee members

  • Chairperson         :         Dr. Satyajeet Deshpande
  • Convener              :         Dr. Arati Shah
  • Co-convener        :         Dr. Megha Bhatt
  • Members (Students) :    To be Updated